The Roast Will Wait

For the past couple of days, Howard's been discussing the idea having a roast for the show's finale on regular radio. However, after thinking about it, he thought the roast would be too raunchy and censored for the normal airwaves, so he decided to postpone it until they get to SIRIUS.

Howard thought that the best way to make the roast really interesting would be to have guests who hate him come on.

Among the names mentioned were:

• Bill Maher

• Cher
• Rosie O'Donnell
• Charles Grodin
• Kathy Lee Gifford
• Dennis Miller
• Star Jones
• James Garner
• Billy Crystal
• Robin Williams
• Bill Cosby

• Andrew Dice Clay

Artie said it would be the ultimate roast if Gary could book people who have sincere grudges against Howard. There was a question of whether Howard would be able to take all of these verbal shots, but he promised he'd be able to grin and bear it. In fact, he said anyone who wants to roast him can do so, and that he would grant immunity to whomever requested it.