Agreement About Ellen

Show favorite and founder of, Jon Hein, called in to discuss the world of television.

Like Howard and Robin, Jon thought Ellen DeGeneres was not so great as the host of Sunday's Emmy Awards. He noted that she set the tone early that the evening was going to be fun despite what is happening in the Gulf Coast, but didn't think she delivered. Howard said that Ellen's commentary wasn't very funny and that she looked awkward the entire night. Robin added that she was surprised the audience responded as positively as it did to some of Ellen's jokes. Jon explained that the kind of people who show up to events like the Emmys are there to be entertained, so they're not exactly the toughest crowds.

Howard asked Jon what he thought about the camera not panning to Jay Leno during David Letterman's tribute to Johnny Carson. Jon thought the whole night was one big anti-Jay party, starting with the tribute, and continuing with Jon Stewart saying how great David Letterman and Conan O'Brien, Jay's heir apparent on "The Tonight Show" were and not mentioning him at all. Howard thought these were examples that prove people are finally starting to see what kind of person Jay truly is.