Single and Better Than Ever

September 22, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jenny McCarthy stopped by to talk about her movie, “Dirty Love,” as well as her recent divorce.

As soon as she walked into the studio Howard pointed out that she looked much hotter now that she didn’t have a husband. Jenny explained that she and her ex-husband called it quits about three months ago, but that they’re still really close. She added that even though she has custody of their child, her ex-husband takes her on the weekends. Howard mentioned that he’d come over to Jenny’s house on the days her ex-husband had their daughter. Jenny reminded Howard that the last time she was on she promised she’d give him a shot if she ever split with her husband. She then assured him that the offer was still on the table.

Is Jim in the Picture?

Howard asked Jenny if the reports he had heard about her dating Jim Carrey were true. Jenny admitted that she has met Jim a few times, but denied that they are an item. She did say, though, that she would go out with him in a second if he called her. Artie wondered what Jenny would do if both Jim and Howard asked her out on the same day. She responded that the three of them would probably be forced to have a gangbang if that happened. Despite her claim of being single, Jenny wouldn’t swear on the life of her child that she wasn’t seeing Jim, so Howard took it to mean they actually are together.

For Love of the Carmen

Jenny commented that since she was no longer married and isn’t seeing anyone, she pleasures herself frequently. She admitted that she even did it while watching one of Howard’s E! shows recently, but that she was thinking about Carmen Electra, who was his guest during the episode. Jenny claimed that she was so turned on by Carmen’s appearance that she cast her in “Dirty Love.” She went on to say that she tried to get it on with Carmen during the shoot, but that Dave Navarro has her so whipped that Carmen wouldn’t go through with it.

A Perfect Match

Jenny revealed that she hadn’t realized just how horny she would be following her divorce. Howard responded that he didn’t have much time to feel that way after he and his ex-wife split, because he went on a rampage as soon as he was single. Jenny wondered how Howard has been able to remain faithful his entire life when every girl out there wants him. Although he appreciated the compliment, Howard assured Jenny that not many women are really interested in him. Jenny told Howard that since she likes tall, skinny men with big noses, he was perfect in her eyes.

Age Is Just a Number

Jenny mentioned that despite her attraction to Howard, she figured she was too old for his liking. When Jenny revealed that she is 32, Howard informed her she is the same age as Beth. Jenny commented that she wanted to put Beth in “Dirty Love,” but decided against it out of fear that Howard would badmouth the movie if the two broke up.

Done in a Jiffy

Jenny told Howard that she has been really into amateur porn lately. She brought up that she used to view mainstream pornos, but that she now prefers to watch people doing it who are actually into the scenes. With all the sex talk that was going on, Howard asked Jenny how long it would take before a guy she was dating could get in her pants. She responded that if a man can make it to a fourth date, there is a pretty good shot he will see some action. Jenny then asked Howard how long he thought he’d be able to last with her.

Howard explained that she is so attractive that at first he wouldn’t be able to hold out long at all. However, he assured her that over time he’d be able to last longer.