The Bearer of Bad News

Howard debated whether or not to play the scathing review "Dirty Love" got from "Ebert & Roeper" while Jenny was in the studio. Howard pointed out that if he had gotten negative write-ups for "Private Parts" he would've still read them.

However, he wasn't sure how Jenny would react to this one, especially because she wrote the screenplay for the movie and her ex-husband directed it. In the review, Richard Roeper claimed "Dirty Love" was one of the worst movies of the year, while Roger Ebert commented it needed a new screenwriter and director. The pair then gave the film "two thumbs way down."

Robin noted that despite the fact that they hated the movie, both Roger and Richard had some kind words about Jenny's performance, so she didn't think Jenny would mind hearing the review. Artie mentioned that listening to the tape made him excited about what critics will have to say about "Beer League."