The Government Needs to Prioritize

Howard mentioned that Sen. Ted Stevens is trying to get a new indecency bill passed that will regulate satellite radio, cable TV and the Internet. Howard pointed out that the government didn't care about satellite radio until he announced he was moving his show to SIRIUS, and that while a war is raging in Iraq and Osama bin Laden is still making threatening tapes, the government is holding hearings about censorship and alleged indecency. Brent Hatley from the Bubba the Love Sponge show called in and said that the reason for the indecency push is because republicans are pandering to the religious right in order to get votes later in the year. After Howard agreed with the statement, Brent asked Artie, who will be visiting Bubba's show this afternoon, if he wanted to accompany them to Scores afterwards. Artie responded that he's going to see the Rolling Stones tonight, but that he'd stop by the club as soon as the concert ended.