Bad Blood A-Brewin'

Howard played a clip of disc jockeys at Shade 45 talking about the feud that seems to be developing between the channel and Howard's channels. In the clip, one of the gripes the hosts had with Howard wasn't just that he has a number of security guards protecting his studio, but that the guards are all African American. In fact, after one of the hosts commented that Howard is putting up "a wall of unfriendliness" with the number of guards he has, the hosts went as far as saying that Howard hired black people as his guards in much the same way that white people in old Tarzan movies used to have slaves carry their luggage. When a caller to the Shade 45 show brought up that Howard was talking about how, last Friday, he kept Ant on his show so long that he was late for his scheduled appearance on Shade 45, one of the hosts asked, for some reason, if Howard had referred to them as the n-word. Howard replied to the charges that he had nothing to do with the hiring of any security guards and that the guards were there when he started working at SIRIUS. Robin added that, given the comparison one of the disc jockeys made about Tarzan, Eminem is actually the real culprit, noting that he's a white man who hires only black people to work for him.