Jason Has His Say

Dave reported that he told Tom in November that he'd be stepping down from his post once Howard left Infinity and that his last day at KROCK was January 3. After Dave revealed that he's currently unemployed and has been pitching program ideas to Tim Sabean, Jason Kaplan brought up the fact that he warned Dave, before he agreed to become the editor of the old show, about what his job would entail, and that doing it would make it look like he was selling out. Dave acknowledged Jason's point, but added that, if he hadn't taken the job, he would've been down to one shift a week at KROCK and the censoring job gave him the stability he needed at the time. While both Howard and Artie assured Dave they understood his rationale, Jason said that he still thought the decision was "a lame move."

Howard mentioned that he thought it was "weird" that Tom implied to Dave that he'd get more airtime at KROCK only if he agreed to censor his show, while Jason pointed out that he couldn't believe Tom handed over the duty to someone who didn't have experience with the edit button. When Howard noted that he had always thought a lawyer should've had the responsibility, Robin replied that giving the censoring power to such a person would've made the ordeal even worse than it was. Both Howard and Artie agreed that having a fan manning the dump button was much better than having a lawyer do it.

Following a call from "Robot Tom," who apparently still finds Dave sexually attractive, Howard took calls from other listeners, including Ralph, who sided with Jason. In fact, Ralph was so upset with Dave that he recommended Howard not hire him for his channels, regardless of the ideas Dave had. Howard then asked Dave what kinds of shows he was pitching Tim. Dave responded that one of them was an over-night program where he'd talk about current events while also highlighting some of the things that happened during that day's Howard Stern Show. When Artie pointed out that Howard's channels do need more wrap-up shows, Howard suggested that, instead, Dave create a show where he takes some of the greatest comedy bits of all time and edit them for supposed obscenities.