Many a Man's Dream Reporter

After playing the recently re-recorded Homo Cop bit, Lisa G. of The Howard 100 News came into the studio to review the stories that will be featured on today's broadcast. Since Lisa was in the studio, Howard told her that she has quite a following on The Stern Fan Network, but Lisa responded that she can't visit the site because she spends too much time there when she does.

Robin then mentioned that yesterday Mutt, the host of The Super Fan Roundtable and founder of The Stern Fan Network, was contemplating changing his site because of the bashing it took from Howard on the show. Howard replied that he wasn't being serious with his criticisms of The Stern Fan Network and that he was commenting more on the fact that he can't stand reading negative comments about himself.

As Lisa was leaving the studio, she brought up that Henry Hill told her yesterday that he wanted to "c** on her face" and that she had a tape of him saying it. Although Lisa insisted she wasn't interested in Henry's alleged proposal, Howard said it was a testament to just how strongly men feel about her.