Son of a Preacher Man

Howard again commented that he hears people claim they get all of their news from the likes of Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, but that the two of them get low ratings on their programs. Howard went on to say that people like Jon and Bill are jealous of him because he already has more people tuning in to his show.

Howard then explained that the reason so many people listen to him is because of the amount of work he puts into every broadcast. To prove his point, Howard played a clip of a preacher who blames many of today's social problems on his theory that more and more women are "becoming" lesbians. During the clip, the preacher explained that his son wasn't able to get a date for last year's prom because he said all the girls in his school are gay, except for two ugly ones. Artie recalled that all the girls in high school used to tell him they were gay too.