Taking an Unpopular Stance

This led Howard to mention that Richard Huff of The New York Daily News wrote the first negative article he's ever read about Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show." In the article, Howard said that Huff asked why Jon was picked to host this year's Oscars ceremony, while also admitting that he doesn't find "The Daily Show" particularly funny. Howard then reported that, although Comedy Central reaches more than 88 million people, "The Daily Show," according to the Huff piece, was watched by only 1.3 million people this month. In November, which is the most important political month of the year in the United States, just 1.45 million viewers tuned in. Howard commented that he likes Jon and he's sure he'll do well as host of the Oscars, but that it was refreshing for him to see that not everyone in the country loves Jon and "The Daily Show."