Comedian Ritch Shydner's Words From the Road

Howard took a call from the comedian-author, Ritch Shydner, whose latest book is "I Killed: True Stories of the Road from America's Top Comics." Ritch explained his book contained some of the stories comedians have told him about their lives on the road, and proceeded to discuss one that was contributed by Chris Rock.

Howard then commented his favorite story in the book was the one about Jay Leno, and Ritch repeated it. In the story, Ritch claimed Jay had tied up a woman during sex, and, after he left her apartment to move his car, he realized he didn't know the woman's name or apartment number, so she remained tied up while waiting for her roommate to arrive home. Ritch went on to tell a story about the Amazing Jonathan, whose girlfriend allegedly "lost" a sex toy inside her, and needed to get a ride to the hospital from Roseanne Barr. As Howard commented how much he enjoyed the book, Artie added he bought it the first day it came out last month.