There Will Be Only One Dave Tonight

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Evil David Letterman came into the studio, a caller wanted to know if Howard would consider bringing Evil Dave with him tonight to his "Late Show" appearance, but Howard didn't think the real Dave would go for that. Howard then explained Dave didn't want guests to bring clips or props because he preferred nothing but conversation. Howard went on to say he thought it'd be funny if Evil Dave came with him to "Late Show" and simply repeated everything Dave said, but reiterated that this wasn't an option.

Evil Dave then said he found Michael Richards' comedy act to be "perfect," and that he thought Madonna's "new black kid" must've stolen something from her and had been sent back to Africa seeing as he hasn't "heard about him in a while." Evil Dave also reported he had one word to describe Britney Spears' vagina – "deee-sgusting" – and added he was upset that Michael Richards' hecklers during his meltdown at the Laugh Factory last month had the nerve to refer to him as "a cracker" in public.

After Evil Dave made jokes about Robin's race-car driving, she pointed out her race against Bubba the Love Sponge may never happen, but Tim Sabean came into the studio and promised he was working on getting the details arranged.