Pam Anderson Talks Her Short Marriage and Bad Divorce

After Martha left, Pam Anderson called in, and Howard mentioned he'd received a message from her stating she wanted to be interviewed. Pam then said she was embarrassed about her recent divorce from Kid Rock because of the impact it had on her children, especially since they had three ceremonies for the nuptials.

Upon hearing that, Howard admitted he had no idea who Pam was marrying when he got his invitation to her wedding, while Robin commented she'd seen reports that Pam was already back with Tommy Lee, which she replied that wasn't true. Pam went on to say she and Kid were "just two different people," and that was why they broke up. Howard asked Pam why Kid yelled at her after seeing her in "Borat," but she responded that she didn't know why he reacted the way he did.

Pam also refuted the allegation made by Kid that she didn't spend time with her children, explaining he was "a liar" and that she was with them almost every night when she wasn't working – and even then they were usually with her parents.