You Can't Do That on Television

Detroit rocker, Kid Rock came into the studio to promote his new album, "Live Trucker" and to discuss some of his behavior that has gotten him in the news as of late. Howard began by asking how he ended up hanging out with Scott Stapp, much less making a sex tape with him. Kid responded that he was "having fun with" four women six years ago in a trailer in Florida while touring, when Scott, whom Kid said he'd never met before, knocked on his door and asked if he could join the party. Kid added that Scott had a camcorder with him and that, although he isn't sure how the tape got to the public, it coincided nicely with the release of "Live Trucker," so it worked for him. Kid went on to say that he's never seen the video, but he remembers that he and Scott were within "hand-slapping distance" while the incident was occurring.

Howard asked Kid if he's worried about the tape being released on the internet, but Kid said he isn't. Kid explained that, since attorneys are involved now, it'd be impossible for the tape to get officially released without his consent. To illustrate his point, Kid said that he once recorded a song with Sheryl Crow and that he couldn't release it without her signed permission, even though she had obviously agreed to sing the tune with him and had done so at his house. This led Howard to wonder if Kid and Sheryl ever dated, which Kid claimed they hadn't. However, Kid did acknowledge that he was with Pam Anderson and that, after their relationship ended, he got "reeled back in for a second," before realizing that he wanted out for good. Kid added that he was seeing Pam when she revealed that she was suffering from Hepatitis C, but that his health wasn't affected by her condition. Kid also commented that his feud with Tommy Lee isn't over and that he thinks Tommy is "an idiot." Kid then reported that Tommy was in Detroit recently "acting like a gangster," but that he quickly changed his tune after someone in a club punched him in the face, allegedly after making comments about Kid. Kid insisted that he didn't have anything to do with the incident, nor was he even at the club, but that he had hear there was footage of the altercation on DVD and might even be able to get a copy of it if Howard ever wanted to see it. When Howard suggested that Kid enter the clip into The Howard Stern Film Festival, he replied he would once he found out the top prize in the contest is $15,000.

Kid mentioned that he attended Elton John's wedding to David Furnish in England last December and that it was "awesome and fun." Kid reported, though, that, while he was on the dance floor with some women, he noticed that male strippers with cop sunglasses were dancing at various spots, so he had to be careful he didn't get included in any photographs that could've been taken out of context. Despite this minor obstacle, Kid added that the party was a lavish affair and that he was happy to have been invited. In fact, Kid recalled that the first concert he ever attended was when he saw Elton John in 1975 and he never imagined at that point that he'd one day be attending Elton's wedding.

After Kid insisted to Howard that he had never asked his friend, Kenny Chesney, about his marriage to Rene Zellweger, he said that he is living a dream life. Kid explained that he has plenty of time to dedicate to raising his son, while also being able to enjoy a rock star lifestyle. Kid added that, although he's not ready to settle down with anyone at the moment, he treats all the women he "meets" on the road with respect and he makes sure they're aware of his intentions before he becomes intimate with them.