The Stones, the Who, Aretha and Dolly

Ed mentioned that the Rolling Stones' performance at the Super Bowl proved that rock is "ageless." Howard again pointed out that he liked seeing them, but that he wasn't happy with Mick Jagger's choice of clothing. When Howard mentioned that rock stars have to be concerned about their images, Robin responded that Aretha Franklin didn't fall into that category last night, noting that, to her, Aretha didn't look like she knew she was going to be on television. Ed told Howard that Collective Soul does a number of covers, including some by The Who. This led Howard to say that, although he likes some of The Who's music, he's never been a big fan of the group. Ed and Joel then played a version of "My Generation," which featured Fred on lead vocals with background accompaniment from Artie. Vinnie Favale called in and brought up that Dolly Parton recently covered "Shine," which Ed said he loved. Vinnie went on to claim that the members of Collective Soul were marketed as a boy band a few albums ago, but Ed replied that wasn't actually the case. Ed explained that the execs of his record label said the band was "faceless," so the members decided to put their faces on the cover of their next CD, "Blender," in a tongue-in-cheek way. However, Ed admitted that the joke backfired on them because few people "got the joke."