Magic Doesn't Strike Twice

Howard said that the only travesty about moving to satellite was that he lost all the content he created at KROCK. Howard added that, although he's been rerecording some of his old bits, one that can't be recreated is "The Beetlejuice Song." Howard explained that Richard recently tried to get Beet to sing the lyrics to the song again, but couldn't get him to do so. Howard then played a clip of the recording session, where Beetle laughed and insisted that he couldn't sing because his throat was bothering him. Even though Richard brought Beetle a beer – which, he said, unbeknownst to Beetle, was actually a sports drink – to help clear his throat, he still wouldn't sing. Following the clip, Richard told Howard not to give up hope, noting that the next time Beetle's "really loaded" in the studio he'll probably be willing to lay down some vocals.