Age is Just a Number

 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Blue Iris called in and told Howard that she was in the hospital for five days recently due to internal bleeding. Iris claimed that she had sex with "a really cute male nurse" while she was in the hospital and that the encounter occurred when he came into her room to administer her nightly massage. When Howard wondered if sex was the best idea for Iris since she was in the hospital for internal bleeding, she responded that, because she was "so horny," she didn't think about the potential consequences of her actions. Artie told Iris that her story was "real sexy," except for the part where she had sex, while Howard added that he didn't believe a word of her tale. Iris went on to tell Howard that she's sure he'll win his lawsuit, because Leslie Moonves "allowed him to go on and on." Before she got off the line, Iris mentioned that she wanted to give her love to Sal and Richard "Crispy."