The Gossip Game

Mike WalkerMike WalkerPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Mike Walker of The National Enquirer called in for his weekly round of The Gossip Game. According to the contest's rules, Mike tells four gossip stories, only three of which are allegedly true. Everyone must then guess which story is made-up.

The following are the reports Mike gave this morning:

(1) The owner of a clothing line has refused to give anymore free clothes to Paris Hilton because of her tendency to publicly badmouth the clothing.

(2) George Clooney hired a cab driver to be his personal chauffeur after the man was able to get him to an important meeting on time.

(3) Marcia Cross tried to hide a tattoo she has on her buttocks while filming a scene for "Desperate Housewives," but a writer from the show demanded it not be covered and that it will become part of a future plot.

(4) Matt Dillon saw two men hassling a woman, jumped out of his car, and chased them away with a golf club.

Both Howard and Robin went with the Matt Dillon story as the imposter, while Fred and Artie pegged the Paris Hilton report as the fake. However, Mike informed everyone that nobody won, because Story Three was actually not true.