March 21, 2006
Howard brought up that he thought the second episode of “The Sopranos” was “great,” but that he also understood why some people complained about it. Robin commented that what she liked about the show was that it was a true representation of what people who’ve been in a coma actually experience. After hearing some of Robin’s examples that proved her theory, Howard said that it helps to be as smart as her to truly enjoy certain television programs. Despite the praise the second episode of “The Sopranos” received from Howard and Robin, Fred commented that he felt like he was watching an episode of “ER,” and that when he tunes into “The Sopranos,” he just wants to see “mob crap.” Fred added that he liked the way Tony went into a coma, but that more should’ve happened in the episode once he came out of it. Howard then pointed out that Fred’s input on the subject was particularly important, seeing as he was responsible for writing all the Scott the Engineer song parodies.