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Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard mentioned that although he just recently promised Riley Martin, the self-proclaimed "friend to the aliens," his own show on SIRIUS, Riley's already getting impatient that it hasn't yet aired. Gary came into the studio and announced that he's been in talks with Riley's producer, but that it's still not moving quickly enough for Riley's liking. Howard then played a voicemail Riley left in regard to the topic. In it, Riley said that he didn't want to be "a fuddy-duddy," but that he wanted to know the date his show will air so that he can plan for it. Riley added that Howard should give him "a jingle" with the information so he's not "sitting around waiting forever." After the call, Robin said that she was trying to picture where Riley was and what he was doing while leaving the message, which led Artie to note that he pictured him at "the Port Authority eating a pigeon." Gary then came back into the studio and mentioned that Riley's show will be on March 27.