Playboy Evaluations: The Truth Hurts

When Kari took off her clothes, Seth commented that she was "cute and fit," but that, because today's standards call for women in Playboy to be "overly thin," he didn't think she could be in it. Seth also recommended that Kari get a better breast job, before scoring her a seven. Mark the Bagger felt differently about Kari than Seth did, though, saying he felt she could be in Playboy. Mark added that he'd date Kari and rated her looks an eight. Ralph began his critique by acknowledging that he had to offer "a reality check." Ralph pointed out that Kari's face is "okay, but not Playboy hot," while also saying that her breasts need work as well. Ralph then mentioned that he didn't think Kari could be in either Playboy or Penthouse. Ralph wound up his evaluation of Kari by saying that she's a five.

The next contestant, Keirsten, 21, told Howard that her mom was the one who encouraged her to try to get into Playboy. Keirsten noted that she's a college student in Canada and that she gets hit on by both men and women at her job – which she said is a bartender – but that she doesn't entertain any of their offers because she has a boyfriend. Keirsten then promised that she'd be able to handle any criticism that came her way, noting that she knows what her flaws are.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After Mark scored Keirsten a 10, Seth said she was "just shy of a nine," explaining that she presented herself in a sexier way than Kari did. Ralph then pointed out that Keirsten's tan looked unnatural to him and that, despite the fact that he was giving her "a low eight," he didn't think she had a "Playboy face," but did think she would be great for Penthouse Magazine instead. Despite Ralph's feelings, Howard commented that he thought there was a chance Keirsten could get into Playboy, so he'd have Jason take pictures of her and then send them to the magazine.

Keirsten's mom came into the studio and said that she feels her daughter is "young and beautiful," which was why she wanted her to take a chance at getting into Playboy. When Howard pointed out that Keirsten's mom was attractive as well, he asked if she'd get naked. The woman responded, though, that, because she's a grandmother, she didn't think stripping would be the best thing for her to do. Mark commented that he thought Keirsten's mom was a 10 and that she could be in Playboy with her daughter. Because of the high score Mark gave the woman, Howard asked him how many days there were in March. Although Mark was able to get the correct answer to that question, he followed it by saying that 9 x 8 is 64. When Howard went on to thank Keirsten for her willingness to disrobe, Ralph mentioned that, to him, Kari was "more braver" because she wasn't as attractive as Keirsten.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show