Keep Your Chin Up

Howard mentioned that he watched a tape of the Oscars yesterday and that, although the broadcast didn't do well in the ratings, he thought it was entertaining. Howard noted that, to him, Jon Stewart did a great job as host, especially when he made comments as the show went on. This led Howard to point out that he can't understand why Jay Leno has never been asked to host the show, seeing as he has a comedy background, a loyal audience as well as the ability to suck up to everyone in Hollywood.When Benjy suggested that Jay may have never been considered to host because he isn't hip enough, Howard thought it might actually be because there's a backlash against Jay. Howard then noted that he enjoyed watching the segment of the Oscars dedicated to celebrities who died in the past year and that he gauged how much each of the deceased will be missed based on the amount of applause he or she received when his or her face was shown on the screen.