Getting the News Out There

A caller told Howard that he enjoyed his interview yesterday with Sean Hannity. Robin agreed with the caller's statement, and added that, even though she doesn't adhere to Sean's political views, she found herself liking him during his discussion with Howard. Howard went on to say that he chose to talk to Sean largely because he wanted to reach the people who make up Fox's audience, adding that many of them probably aren't familiar with Les Moonves. Howard added that he was still sick during his interview with Sean, but that he refused to take medicine to try to feel better for the sit-down. When Howard explained that he didn't have a fever after taking his temperature yesterday, Robin explained that he actually does have one, and that his constant sweating is his "body's way of dealing with it." Howard then said that yesterday he felt "a shooting pain" across his chest and back, as well as in one of his arms and that he thought he was having a heart attack. However, Howard noted that he was too tired to take any action and that, if he was dying, he'd have just accepted the fact that it was his time to go.