Rapid Fire with Ben Stern

Howard's dad opens up about Rosie O'Donnell, male masseuses, and "Dancing with the Stars"

Howard's dad, Ben Stern, called in to say that if Sumner Redstone, one of the men behind the CBS lawsuit, didn't have CBS' money at his disposal, he wouldn't be suing Howard.

Ben then commented that he watched Rosie O'Donnell's HBO special, "All Aboard!," and didn't think she's been getting enough credit for all the work she does for the children featured in the program.

Woman enjoying a wellness back massage in a spa, she is very relaxed Photo: iStockPhoto: iStock

After discussing what happened between Howard and Rosie years ago to begin their feud, Howard asked Ben if he'd be willing to let his wife get a massage from a man. Ben replied that, as long as the male masseuse wanted to "make a living and wasn't a schmuck," he'd have no problem with it. Ben added that if male masseuses were "legitimate" and had the proper licenses, men shouldn't be concerned with letting their spouses or girlfriends get massages from them. In fact, Ben claimed he would be willing to get a massage from a man himself, explaining that such an experience is supposed to be therapeutic and not sexual in any way.

Howard then asked his dad what he thought about Beth potentially being on "Dancing with the Stars." After finding out the details, Ben said Beth should give it a shot, as long as she was "gung ho" about it. However, Howard responded that Beth seemed "more gung than ho" in regard to the opportunity, commenting that being away for such an extended time didn't seem to appeal to her.

As Ben was saying goodbye, he told Howard that he loved him. Howard responded by joking that, although he appreciated the comment, he would've liked to have heard it off the air instead of on it.