Riley Martin: Only the 'Symbol' Can Save You When the World Ends

Howard brought up that Riley Martin, the self-proclaimed "friend of the aliens," gave him and Robin "symbols" years ago, which he said are supposed to act as admission tickets onto "the mother ship" to escape the earth when the world comes to an end.

However, Howard admitted that both he and Robin have since thrown away their "symbols" and Riley left a message yesterday chastising Robin for doing so.

In the clip, Riley told Robin that he couldn't have given her "a greater gift," before mentioning that, despite Robin's wealth, he didn't make "the bitch pay for one of his 'symbols.'"

Following the tape, Riley got on the line and told Howard that, while the aliens will allow those onto the ship who may have lost their "symbols" by accident, they won't grant such permission to people who threw away their passes.

Riley added that he didn't get anywhere with Dr. Leslie Armstrong after he taped the most recent episode of "Meet the Shrink," largely in part because he's married, and doesn't want to "bust a grape" with anyone other than his wife.

Gary announced that he looked at Riley's Website and discovered that he charges $38.50 for "symbols," which led Robin to say that she could get another one whether Riley wanted her to have it or not.

Gary then reported that the price also includes a reading from Riley and that additional "symbols" can be purchased for $35 each. When Robin wondered why she wasn't given a reading when Riley presented her with her "symbol," he responded, "There was a reading on your 'symbol,' bitch."

Before he ended the interview, Howard acknowledged that what Riley was selling was no worse than what preachers like Jerry Falwell do for a living.