When They Knew It Was Over

When he saw John Stamos, Howard said he forgot just how good-looking he was. Howard then pointed out that he took some pleasure in knowing someone as "hot" as John couldn't keep his marriage to Rebecca Romijn going, because it suggests he has the same problems as everyone else. Since the topic of Rebecca came up, Howard asked John if it was weird seeing her in the audience on "American Idol" recently with her fiancé, Jerry O'Connell, but John replied he was "taking the high road" on the matter and didn't answering the question. John did admit, though, his relationship with Rebecca ended six months before the news became public, which didn't surprise Howard. Howard then mentioned he knew John and Rebecca were having trouble one night when they were all having dinner together and Rebecca, who had just landed a role in a Brian De Palma film, told John the problem with his career was that he never worked with good directors. After Robin commented she knew John and Rebecca's marriage wouldn't last as soon as she saw the age difference between them, Ralph, who was still on the phone, told John he shouldn't have gotten married in the first place. However, John insisted he loved being married to Rebecca, even though their relationship didn't last.

Gary came into the studio and said he read that John dated Denise Richards, a rumor John admitted was true. Howard was surprised John would get involved with Denise, because he didn't like the way she publicly badmouthed her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, even though her kids would read about what she said when they get older. John replied that he and Denise became friends years ago – pre-Charlie, and they casually dated earlier this year for just a brief time, so he didn't have to worry about some of her questionable behavior. John went on to mention he used to date Heather Locklear as well and that he also had an affair with Diane Parker from "The Price is Right."

After John talked about some of his other sexual history – including that he lost his virginity when he was 17 and once found a naked Penthouse Pet waiting for him in his dressing room when he was on "General Hospital" – he said the woman he's currently seeing, Daniela Urzi, isn't "technically" his girlfriend, although they have been dating for more than a month. Even though John and Urzi haven't been seeing each other for that long, Howard added John was still able to take her on vacation to Key West, which was why he missed the film festival last month.

Gary said one of the things that surprises him about John is how the women in his life never criticize him after he leaves them. John replied that most of the women he sees know they're not getting into serious relationships with him, so they don't get too upset once they end. John added he sometimes dates non-models, although he hasn't done so in a while.