Louis C.K. Comes to the Stern Show

After Howard broke his self-imposed rule of not playing any KROCK tapes by introducing Sal and Richard's "My Turban is Dirty" bit to satellite, Louis C.K. came into the studio. Before talking about his new HBO sitcom, "Lucky Louie," Howard brought up the fact that Louie's parents made him go to a camp for retarded children when he was in third grade. Louie acknowledged the story was true, but added that his parents didn't realize the camp was for retarded children until he told them about it later. However, Louie added his parents still sent him back to the camp two more summers, which he admitted he didn't mind. In fact, Louie said he would've had sex with one of the retarded girls at the camp if any of them had offered themselves to him, but they didn't.

Louie commented he was once approached by a prostitute when he was in California and she offered him oral for $8. Louie noted that, as he followed the woman back to her hotel – which involved dodging rats and stepping over a body inside – he saw she was missing clumps of hair. Louie added he used a condom while having oral sex with the woman and was then chased by a man after he left the woman's hotel room. Louie then said he felt like his pursuer was in cahoots with the prostitute and would've killed him had he not escaped.

After Louie talked about how he wrote and directed the Chris Rock movie, "Pootie Tang," he added that its failure propelled him to other successes, "Lucky Louie" being one of them. Louie went on to say the program is HBO's first-ever sitcom and that making it was a dream for him. Louie also noted that he grew up listening to Howard and it was just as big a thrill being on his show as well.