Bloodhound Gang: Getting Dirty on Stage

After Mark criticized Mary's looks, he admitted it had been "a long time" since he was last with a woman. Howard went on to say he had planned on doing a serious interview with Mary, but she was too drunk to have any kind of conversation. Howard then noted both Mark and his mother work at the same grocery store, and Mark explained she worked in the back of the store as an online bagger, while he worked in the front. Howard next played a clip of a Bloodhound Gang concert, where they had 30,000 Dutch fans chant "Sal is a homo." When he heard there were 30,000 people at one of their concerts, Howard wondered if the Bloodhound Gang was able to make money, and the group's lead singer, Jimmy Pop, said, except for in America, the band was really popular. Evil Jared, the band's bassist, also reported he urinates and defecates on Jimmy during their shows as a part of their routine, and Jimmy said they resort to such onstage antics because they consider their music to be "crap."