Adam Carolla: Visiting His Former Home

Howard said Adam Corolla asked him to be on his radio show today since he was in New York, and he agreed to be on during his own broadcast because he couldn't stop by Adam's studio later in the day. This led George to point out he didn't think Adam was "too bright," explaining the content of one of his radio shows was particularly offensive to Asian people, which caused Adam to have to apologize. After discussing the incident further, George noted he didn't think Adam was doing too well in the ratings, and Howard said he'd ask him about it when he was on the show.

While he waited for Adam to call, Howard played a clip of Gary Garver interviewing Steve-O and his father, who straightened up the controversy surrounding his job title by reporting he was once president of the international division of Nabisco.

Howard got Adam on the line, and the two broadcast their shows on both SIRIUS and Free FM. After Adam scored his program "a five out of 80," Howard mentioned he sent Adam a gift following the recent birth of his twins, and it wasn't until Jimmy Kimmel told Adam that he had to get in touch with Howard to thank him that he did so. Artie then pointed out he had to keep himself from swearing seeing as the show was being simulcast on terrestrial radio. Once Adam told George that he remembered the incident that led him to apologize to the Asian community, Howard admitted he'd never heard Adam's show. As Howard told Adam he would never return to terrestrial radio, Artie again acknowledged he was having a difficult time because everything he wanted to say involved him cursing.