John Stamos Is Slowing Down for a While

John Stamos, who is now on "ER," came into the studio. After Howard said "ER" always had to have a good-looking actor on the show, John mentioned he'd never have plastic surgery, and added he looked young because of how much sleep he gets every night. John then claimed he wasn't a "sex addict," although Howard wasn't so sure. To back up his point, Howard noted how John got "in trouble" when he talked about his relationship with Denise Richards the last time he was on the show, but John said that wasn't true, and that Denise wasn't upset with him at all.

John went on to mention he hadn't had much sex the past nine months, mostly because he hadn't been drinking during that time. This led John to point out he felt Artie was "so smart and respected" that he hoped he was able to avoid any future problems with drugs, and Artie thanked him for the support. John also denied that he had sex with Sheryl Crow as Howard had read, adding that it was a tabloid story with no merit.