A Potential for Another Disaster

January 18, 2007

Howard reported he was taking his parents and his children to dinner tonight to celebrate his birthday, and that he was nervous because he had to arrange for cars to bring them all into the city. When Robin asked why Howard had to make the plans for his own birthday, Howard claimed his family members weren’t capable of performing such acts on their own. Howard went on to say Beth gave him “the greatest gift” for his birthday, explaining that she had arranged for him to have a private lesson with a chess expert this weekend.

Artie then brought up that he was looking for a house this afternoon, explaining he was keeping his home in Hoboken as his “city house” but also wanted to own one in New Jersey that wasn’t so close to New York as well. Because Howard and Robin both recommended Artie think about his plan more before buying another house, he responded he felt like he couldn’t “say anything without them busting his balls.”

To avoid upsetting Artie further, Howard started doing his impression of his mother and recalled how upset she was last year when a car Tim Sabean had arranged to bring her to the studio didn’t show up.

Howard’s father, Ben, then called in claiming Howard was exaggerating when it came to what he put in a date book he kept, and also insisted – when Howard said he didn’t say happy birthday to him – that had he wished Howard a happy birthday the day after it occurred. Ben added that he couldn’t call Howard on his birthday because he didn’t have his phone number since he was “in another country” that day. However, Howard told Ben his cell phone had the same number regardless of where he was, and that he was only in Florida anyway.