A-Listers Share Their Thoughts with Gary Garver


Howard played a few clips of Gary Garver's interviews, the first of him talking to Joe Pesci at a golf tournament. Gary started the interview by asking Joe if he had a favorite porn star, but he responded he was "turned off" by porn considering how old he was, and laughed off the question of why Jennifer Aniston couldn't "hold onto a man."

Joe went on to admit he had sex with a woman who was 250 pounds when he was 17 years old, before saying he was looking forward to seeing Howard's "mellower" side at some point.

Next on Gary's list was former Pittsburgh Steelers' running back, Jerome Bettis. Gary began by asking Jerome if he felt guilty for playing golf while soldiers died in Iraq, which led Jerome to acknowledge it was "a difficult situation."

However, Gary's interview ended as soon as he asked Jerome who the fattest woman he ever had sex with was. Gary then talked to Michael Bolton, who called Howard "funny as hell," but claimed he wouldn't do the show because he didn't think his fans listened to it.

The final interview at the golf tournament was with Samuel L. Jackson, who wished Howard a happy anniversary and added, "You're still kicking all the ass you've always kicked, and they're still paying you to do it."

Howard then played tapes of Gary at a fundraiser, asking Sidney Poitier if he had "a message for Lindsay Lohan," which Sidney labeled "an inappropriate question." Gary also asked Sharon Stone if she could describe herself in three words, and, when she wouldn't answer, asked her to describe Howard in one word, which again got no response.