Teddy Hitting On Jimmy's Girl?

Sarah told Artie that his statements about her selling pot to Teddy at the Playboy Mansion party were incorrect, so Artie apologized. Sarah explained that the women at the party weren't really Playmates – they were "whores" with "pancake tits" - so she wasn't interested in the goings-on. Artie agreed that the women were busted; one of the chicks easily weighed 300-pounds and had a giant tattoo of her dead brother. Howard thought Sarah only ate pot, so she said she only ate pot "for travel." Artie claimed that Teddy has a crush on Sarah and was "giddy" about getting the chance to smoke weed with her. Sarah said she was trying to connect with Artie by smoking pot with Teddy. Sarah explained that she wasn't into smoking pot before events; it's more like a "treat" that she uses at home or on vacation.