Can Beth O Dress Too Sexy?

Howard discusses a sexy outfit beth wore to a movie premiere last night.

October 4, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard told the crew about the sexy outfit that Beth wore to a movie premiere last night, noting that she never wears similar outfits when they go out because she gets “too cold.” This morning, Howard learned that she also went to the premiere’s after party, which upset him. Howard speculated that even he might benefit from couples therapy, but Greg claimed Howard was lucky, as he can never get his wife to dress sexy…no matter how good she looks. Beth called in to say Howard was overreacting, so Howard countered that he was never told about the after party. Beth said the after party was a “classy” event and “just the first of, like, ten” similar events she has coming up over the next couple months. Beth confessed that her emotional friend at the events was a man named Andrew Saffir, but Howard said he already knew. Beth then admitted that she spent most of the evening talking about Howard with Carol Alt.

Howard showed the crew some pictures of Beth in her outfit from last night, and Fred said she looked like she was going to a “teddy party.” Howard revealed that he tried to kiss Beth before she left, but she wouldn’t let him, saying he would ruin her makeup. Beth countered that Howard didn’t seem very interested when he came home, so Howard explained that she wasn’t there when he got home – she was out getting her makeup done.