Jay Thomas Shares His Secrets on Slimming Clothes

Actor also tells Howard that his Sirius Stars 102 show has been a stabilizing force on his career

Jay Thomas stopped by to promote his Sirius radio show, and Howard asked him how he keeps trim. Jay told Howard that he only buys clothes from a store named "Z," as they're designed to make you look thinner.

Howard said he used to be a fan of Jay's radio show when he was in college and proved it by reciting the speech Jay gave when he left radio for an acting gig on "Mork & Mindy."

Jay explained the reasons why he decided to join the cast of his most recent movie, adding that he still didn't "get" the film.

Howard asked why Jay's acting career bottomed out, so Jay replied that he at least had one good (10-year) run.

Jay said his show on Sirius Stars 102 has been a "stabilizing influence" in his career, but these days, his kids seem to have a better chance at a respectable acting career.

Jay made fun of conspiracy theorists who claim white people blew up New Orleans' levies during Hurricane Katrina, noting that the reconstruction process in his hometown is very unfocused. Howard asked Jay if his kids think he's a has-been, so Jay admitted that they know most of his success is in the past. Jay then told the crew that he's recognized all the time in public, but only when people mistake him for Tim Allen.