But How Do You Really Feel?

Artie said he didn't like Sal and Richard, calling them "serpent pussy homos," and never wanted to see them again, adding that when Howard retires, Sal will be an "asswipe without a hole." Artie then became so angry, he started throwing things in Sal's direction (but missing), scaring everyone in the studio into near-silence. Howard remarked that he missed Artie's outburst because he was "drawing pictures" and told Artie that throwing things wasn't cool. Artie indignantly told Howard he didn't care what he thought, saying, "Fire me." Artie repeated his threats to "drop" Sal, noting that he couldn't be around "phony asswipes like that." Fred began picking up the items that Artie threw, and Sal said he was fine and understood Artie's anger. Howard explained that Sal might be retarded, but he doesn't hate Artie. Artie again said he didn't care and refused to cooperate with Howard's attempts at diplomacy.