The Littlest Spy/Jewel Thief

November 14, 2007

Eric the Midget called up to pitch a different film project (instead of his love story script) but couldn’t come up with anything on the spot. Howard suggested an action movie about Al Qaeda titled “Lil’ Bond” or “002 and a half.” Eric didn’t want to make an action movie, even if – as Howard suggested – he got to slay a Cyclops in the Coliseum. Eric then told the crew that he sent his love story script to the dad from “Little People, Big World.”

Howard proposed a different tack; Eric could grow a mustache and play “Lil’ Hitler,” “Lil’ Patton,” or “Lil’ Gandhi.” Eric said he’d rather star in an “Ocean’s 11”-style heist movie. Artie wondered if they could remake “Key Largo” as “Wee Largo,” but Eric didn’t want to have any title that alluded to his size. Of all the ideas, Artie seemed to like “Lil’ Godfather” the most, but Eric liked the spy or heist concepts.