Eric the Midget's Angels

Eric the Midget called in to say he has now completed 4 pages of his screenplay, which he plans to finish before the show goes on Christmas vacation. Eric explained that his screenplay is currently a take-off on "Charlie's Angels," and he's keeping the "Charlie" role for himself. Howard told Eric that he'd rather have Artie play the "Charlie" role and cast Eric and two other midgets as the "Angels." Eric asked if he could cast a girl that he video chats with online as his girlfriend, as she has experience acting in "school plays and stuff." Howard wondered how old the girl was, so Eric explained that she was 19 – but still a high school senior. Johnny Fratto then called in to say he'd try and keep Eric motivated and working. Johnny also commended Robin's new glasses and the Mammary Lane replay of Howard's interview with Jan Michael Vincent.