The Gossip Game with Mike Walker

Mike Walker of the National Enquirer called in for this week's round of The Gossip Game. According to the contest's rules, Mike tells four gossip stories, only three of which are allegedly true. Everyone then tries to guess which of the reports is definitely fake. Here were the stories Mike offered this morning: (1) Teri Hatcher crashed into a parked car while riding her bike. (2) Tom Cruise asked people from Disneyworld to allow him and Katie to stay at a castle in the theme park, despite the rules that guests there needed to be randomly selected...and was refused. (3) Katie Holmes "freaked" when a salesgirl couldn't ring up a pair of shoes she was going to buy right when she wanted. (4) Jaime Foxx allowed a waitress to write her own tip, and thanked him for allowing her to keep the $1,500 tip she gave herself. When Howard, Robin, Artie and Fred all went with the Tom Cruise story, Mike revealed they were all correct.