Gary Garver: Interviewing the Stars

Howard played a clip of Gary Garver interviewing Kevin Sorbo, who named Ben Affleck as the one celebrity he'd like to "kill" because he had the career Kevin believed belonged to him. Gary then spoke to the fashion critic, Mr. Blackwell, who claimed he has slept with 200 people in his lifetime, with half of them being men. Gary next spoke to Shirley Henderson, who said she'd been "everywhere" the past few years and added she was "a little nervous" about much of the content on television these days. Daniel Baldwin was the following celebrity Gary spoke to, and he talked about his recent stint in rehab, as well as how he'd been sober for 97 days. When asked, if he had to, which of his brothers he'd have sex with, Daniel picked Steven since he had the least amount of body hair. Gary also spoke to Gary Busey, who reported "the jury was still out" as to whether he preferred rough sex or gentle sex, and that he'd never try to "pin" Robin down and tickle her again.