The Gossip Game with Mike Walker

Mike Walker of the National Enquirer called in for this week's round of The Gossip Game. According to the contest's rules, Mike tells four gossip stories, only three of which are allegedly true. Everyone then tries to guess which report is definitely fake. Here are the stories Mike offered this morning:

(1) Paris Hilton was asked to leave a supermarket after she intentionally banged her cart into another woman's because the woman wouldn't move out of her way.

(2) George Clooney was afraid of a bunch of snakes that were living under his house.
(3) NBA star, Tony Parker, kissed the feet of his wife, Eva Longoria, while they were in a restaurant.

(4) Michelle Pfeiffer wasn't recognized when she showed up at a photo shoot because she didn't have any makeup on.

While Howard and Robin went with the first story as the imposter, Artie and Fred chose the George Clooney story.

Mike then revealed that Artie and Fred were this week's winner.