The Triple Threat: Chris Rock Visits the Stern Show

Chris Rock came into the studio and Howard admitted he found himself "lecturing" Chris whenever they spoke off the air. After Artie pointed out he thought Howard liked giving advice about "broads,"

Chris said he couldn't believe Howard was getting remarried, joking he was going to ruin Beth's reputation by marrying her. Howard responded, though, that he didn't want to be interviewed, and that he wanted to interview Chris instead. This led Chris to say his new movie, "I Think I Love My Wife," which he wrote, directed and starred in, was about a married guy trying to decide whether or not to cheat on his wife (although, the title kind of gives away his choice).

Friends In High Places

Chris acknowledged he has been hanging out with Oprah Winfrey lately, and he did attend her school opening recently in South Africa as Howard had read. Chris added he called Oprah on occasion, especially when he saw something interesting on her show. Chris said he had to pay for his own flight to South Africa, but that, once there, Oprah took care of all his other expenses, including food and hotel.

Chris then recalled he hung out with Tyler Perry, Gayle King, Danny Glover and Chris Tucker while in South Africa. Chris recalled the time he was almost "bamboozled" into thinking he was the father of a woman's baby.

He explained how a Nigerian man would get white women sleep with rich and/or famous married men and then he would get the geirls pregnant, they would then accuse the men of being the fathers of their children and the guys would usually pay rather than go through the embarrassment of a trial.

Chris went on to say he was "separated enough" from his wife at the time of the incident, and also claimed he was about to tour so he could start visiting clubs like Scores again.

Down with Marriage

Although Howard wanted to discuss "I Think I Love My Wife," Chris insisted they talk about his engagement instead. Chris didn't think it was worth getting married to any women, and insisted Howard should be focused on his wealth and the opportunities it gave him with other women. Chris proceeded to acknowledge he liked Beth, but still said he didn't feel Howard was making the right choice, to which Howard replied, "Who invited your ass in here today?

Chris Rock's Mom Is So Over Cracker Barrel

Indianapolis, US - June 24, 2016: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Location. Cracker Barrel Serves Homestyle Food IIIIndianapolis, US - June 24, 2016: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Location. Cracker Barrel Serves Homestyle Food IIIPhoto: Getty Images

Howard brought up that Chris Rocks' mom was suing Cracker Barrel last year, but Chris said the suit wasn't going anywhere because he refused to pay for it. Howard then wondered if Chris felt pressure for "I Think I Love My Wife" to be successful given his increased involvement in it, but he wouldn't admit he did. Chris then acknowledged he didn't want to direct the movie at first, but that he decided to do it because it got to the point where he would've had to have hired a C-list director if he didn't do the job. Chris next claimed he didn't know how much money his movie needed to make in order for it to be considered a success, adding he was more concerned with people liking it.

Howard then turned the conversation back to Chris' mom, and Chris claimed he didn't know she was planning on suing Cracker Barrel until he saw the news on television. Chris went on to admit it got "weird" when Al Sharpton got involved in the suit, and that he spent a lot of time in his basement waiting for news of the suit to die down. When Chris also admitted he had a fish tank in his basement, Howard recalled buying a fish tank right before his divorce, and wondered if Chris' purchase was a cry for help. However, Chris insisted that wasn't the case with him.