Chris Rock Hangs With Oprah and Other Celebs in South Africa

March 14, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Chris Rock returned to the Stern Show on Wednesday and spoke to Howard about his new movie “I Think I Love My Wife,” which he both stars in and directed. Chris also told Howard about hanging out with Oprah Winfrey lately, including at the grand opening of her school in South Africa. Chris added he calls Oprah on occasion, especially when he sees something interesting on her show. Though Chris had to pay for his own flight to Africa, he revealed Oprah took care of all other expenses once he got there including food and his hotel. Chris also hung out with Tyler Perry, Gayle King, Danny Glover, and Chris Tucker on the special trip.

Rock also told Howard about almost getting “bamboozled” into thinking he was the father of a woman’s baby while on the trip. According to Chris, the scam starts with a Nigerian man getting a white woman to sleep with rich and/or famous married men and then getting the same girl pregnant. The rich men are then accused of being the fathers leading them to pay rather than go through the embarrassment of a trial.