Gary Garver Interviews Hollywood's Biggest Stars

Jason Alexander, Vince Vaughn, and Norm MacDonald are interviewed on the red carpet of a charity event

Howard played clips of Gary Garver interviewing celebrities at a fundraiser, the first being with Camryn Manheim.

Although Camryn laughed and answered Gary's questions about Mel Gibson and her favorite curse word, she stopped the interview when he asked her if she'd have sex with a black man or why adopting foreign children was "so trendy."

In the second interview, Jason Alexander told Gary why he thought Howard was marrying Beth before naming Paul Giamati, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Oliver Platt and John C. Reilly as the celebrities he'd want to kill because they were the ones getting movie roles which he auditioned for.

Next, Gary tried to talk to Vince Vaughn, but all he said was, "I'm here for charity, thank you."

Norm MacDonald was Gary's fourth interviewee, and he claimed he never did heroin with Artie and added he'd work with Mel Gibson seeing as he was "a giant star." When Gary then asked Norm if anal sex was a part of his life, he responded, "Anal sex is a part of my life in that I fear it every single waking moment."

However, when Gary explained he was referring to performing anal sex on a woman, Norm said, "That's a whole different kettle of fish."

Gary also talked to Richard Dreyfus, who refused to answer his question about "the size of his balls."