Don Imus Can't Get Anywhere with 'You People'

After Lisa G. noted that today marked the 15th anniversary of Sam Kinison death, Howard played clips of Don Imus on Al Sharpton's radio show yesterday admitting that his "joke" about the Rutgers women's basketball team went "too far," although he added he didn't consider his remark "racial" at first.

As Al grilled Don about his comment, Robin noted she didn't think Don knew anything about Al because he didn't point out some of the racist remarks Al has made in the past.

Al next recommended Don resign, but Don insisted that wasn't going to happen. Given this, Al asked Don what he thought his punishment should be, and Don responded he hadn't "thought about it."

Following another clip of Don calling out Al for not joining his effort to raise money to fight sickle cell anemia, Howard read a list of "wacky" events that Al took part in, including the Tawana Brawley case as well as ones where he made disparaging remarks about white people and Jewish people.

In another portion of the tape, an African American woman criticized Don, and he replied, "I can't get anyplace with you people."

However, after Al called out Don for referring to African Americans as "you people," Don claimed that wasn't what he meant, and that he was talking about only Al and the caller. Upon hearing the comment, though, Howard asked, "At what point do you think Don knew this was going horribly?" Howard then got to a clip of Bill Maher calling into Don's program, with Bill putting the blame on the people who wouldn't accept Don's apology instead of Don himself.