Goodbye, Mr. Imus & Good Riddance


Howard started today saying he's been receiving tons of requests from media outlets wanting to know his thoughts on the Don Imus firing, but he refused to give any additional comments to the ones he has made or will make on his show.

Howard then mentioned he was even approached by "Good Morning America" to do a live interview during this morning's show – which he also declined – before adding that, despite his own fight for free speech, he was happy Imus lost his job.

Howard went on to explain he felt this way because he once witnessed Imus refer to an African American secretary at WNBC as the n-word, and therefore thought his remark about the Rutgers basketball team wasn't a joke at all.

Howard also refuted Imus' claim that he already had offers to return to radio, challenging him to produce "a bona fide" offer if he was in fact telling the truth. After Howard pointed out he thought his 84-year-old father, Ben, looked better physically than Imus,

Robin noted Adam Corolla called her while she was in California over the weekend and told her that, to him, Imus had the physique of "a pile of coats."

The Same Off the Air

Howard said he thought one of the reasons MSNBC fired Imus from his television simulcast was because of its poor ratings, and proceeded to play a clip of one of Imus' coworkers, Keith Olbermann, discussing how Imus made people cry on a weekly basis because of his behind-the-scenes remarks to women and minorities. Upon hearing that, Howard noted critics could say anything they wanted about his show, but that they wouldn't be able to find any of his coworkers who could put down how he treated them off the air.

When Jokes Aren't Funny

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After reading an article written by someone who worked in the hospital Imus went to when he injured himself falling off his horse a few years ago, claiming it was "torture" tending to him, Howard played a clip of Mike Wallace talking to Imus on "60 Minutes" years ago.

In it, Mike called Imus out for using the n-word, and he responded by refusing to apologize for his choice of words and that he didn't think black people were "immune to satire."

Howard then got to a bit Imus once did on his program, calling Howard his "bitch" before taking a call from former NBA player, Jason Williams, who was actually Imus' producer, Bernard McGuirk, doing a racist impression of an African American.

As Bernard, who was in character, took shots at Beth, Howard stopped the tape and announced Beth was "in tears" after she heard the clip when it originally aired and even contemplated suing Imus because of it.

However, Howard added he talked Beth out of suing because of how long the process would've taken in the courts, and also noted he didn't think anyone – including Martha Stewart – should feel sorry for Imus and his situation given his past.

Wack Pack Sounds Off on the Imus Firing

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a new installment of Wack Pack Feedback, with the following Wack Packers giving their opinions about Imus' firing:

• Wendy the Retard said she was "happy" Imus got fired because she felt he "knew better" than to say what he did.

• Jeff the Drunk noted "it was about time" Imus got fired before coughing and admitting he was "smoking something" at the time.
• Gary the Retard pointed out Imus "wasn't nice" and went on to refer to him as "a stupid f'ing retard."

• Blue Iris said she felt it was time Imus got fired, especially because he was "a shriveled dick piece of sh*t."

Howard then commented he would've liked to have seen Imus' firing on a reality television show, and added he actually walked past Imus' apartment but wasn't recognized by any of the reporters and hecklers standing outside. Gary then came into the studio and reported people held "a rally" for Imus on Friday, but that fewer than 20 people showed up for it.

Howard proceeded to play a tape of Sean Hannity discussing Imus' demise, and ended up talking about Howard and how Sean thought he was successful not because he was outrageous, but because he was "informed" and "funny."

After Howard played another tape – this one of Bill Maher pointing out how unfortunate Imus' statement about the Rutgers basketball team was seeing as he was the only person paying attention to women's basketball – he got to a clip of Imus' brother and SIRIUS radio personality, Fred, noting he felt Imus went "way over the line" with what he said about the women, but that he'd still defend him given their relationship.