Virgina Tech Shooting: People Handle Tragedies Differently

Howard began this morning saying he voted 15 times for Sanjaya yesterday, while Robin noted she was able to get through only five times.

Howard then commented Sanjaya could help his own movement if he started singing "a little better" and played a clip from his performance last night of Bonnie Raitt's "Something to Talk About."

After Sanjaya's singing, Simon Cowell referred to it as "utterly horrendous" and explained he wasn't a fan of Sanjaya because he thought he was mocking the entire point of "American Idol."

Howard went on to report one of the contestants on the show dedicated his performance to his "friends" affected by the Virginia Tech shootings, and that he saw Simon roll his eyes at the remark.

However, Howard added he felt the producers of "American Idol" must've noticed Simon's eye roll as well because he quickly announced how upset he was by the tragedy. This led Howard to point out a few of the shooter's English professors had predicted he would do something dangerous based on his writing, but they were so afraid of him they didn't act on their suspicions.

Fred responded, though, that he'd read two of the killer's plays on the Web, and all he got from them was that he was "a shitty writer."

After reading a story about how the killer's former roommate was scared of him as well, Howard recalled how he ended up rooming with the man who became his lifelong friend,

Dr. Lou, because he was nervous about the person who was supposed to be his roommate after seeing him jumping on his bed wearing women's underwear and holding a bong the first time they met.

Howard proceeded to discuss some details about various people gunned down Monday, which he added made him feel worse about the tragedy. Fred then noted he thought one of the shooter's plays was slightly better than the other, and Howard wondered if it'd be a good idea to produce one of them for Howard TV.