Tabloid News: Is Don Imus Suicidal Over Recent Firing?

Howard read a story from a tabloid that stated a friend of Don Imus' claimed he was suicidal over his firing, and Howard added he watched the recent appearance of Deidre, Imus' wife, on "The View."

However, Howard said none of the hosts on the show asked Deidre about Imus, and that they instead focused only on her new cleaning book. This led Artie to say he wished Imus' coworkers, Charles McCord and Bernard McGuirk, would've badmouthed him following his firing, but Robin thought they were so used to not being entertaining that they couldn't do that.

Howard then noted, though, that he knew for a fact that Bernard disliked Imus, recalling that Bernard used to call Gary all the time to try to get a job on the show, even when he was working for Imus.