Alec Baldwin: Don't Expect Father's Day Gift

Howard brought up that Alec Baldwin, who was a regular guest on the show and that he "really liked him," may have gone a little too far with the phone message he left for his daughter last week, adding that he thought Kim Basinger must be the one who leaked the tape to the press. Howard proceeded to play the message, in which Alec yells at his daughter for not having her phone turned on when she knew he was going to call, because he was only allowed to call her at certain times. After playing the message, Howard noted he felt badly for the daughter, while Robin said she'd read Kim often spoke negatively about Alec in front of the girl, which she thought must be damaging to her as well. Dominic Barbara then called in to say he believed Kim's behavior with the girl was worse than Alec's message because of what her friends would now think about her relationship with her dad.