Inside Artie's Acting Studio

When the show returned from a break, Artie announced he wanted to take a try at reciting Alec Baldwin's phone call to his daughter after spending the commercial break memorizing it. As Artie prepared his megaphone to give his bit a phone sound effect, Howard pointed out Artie was given the script during the commercial, and had memorized it in just a couple of minutes. Artie then launched into his rendering of the call, and got a round of applause from everyone in the studio when he was done. In fact, Howard responded by calling Artie's performance "incredibly good," while Robin said she'd love to see "those kinds of rants" in movies. Artie went on to explain he looked over the transcript of the message "three or four times" and that he always made it a point to memorize the first line of each paragraph, which he noted, to him, was the hardest part to get down.