Don Imus Calls a Group of Women 'Nappy Headed'

Howard brought up that, Don Imus made a racist statement on the air. Howard then recalled Imus confronted a black female co-worker in the halls of WNBC in the 80s and made racist comments to her, but management, which he said did know about the incident, did nothing. Robin said she saw this and was once a victim herself. Howard said he can't believe the paper says Imus is "a wildly popular" radio host, but it does accurately quote Imus' comments about the Rutgers female basketball team. Howard said it's funny how the guy's true colors keep showing through.

Howard said some of his terrestrial radio replacements had a 0.0 rating in Los Vegas, which Artie recognized the number as Blutarski's GPA in "Animal House." Just mentioning "Animal House" started Artie reciting, from memory, a scene from the movie. Howard says any other personality would be fired for such comments, adding that, in terms of some of the other things Imus has said in the past, this isn't really that bad. Howard went on to say that Imus is a horrible human being, and "if there's a blackened core of a human being, that's Imus".

Howard then played clips from Imus' apology. Robin said Imus always apologizes, but he never changes. Howard said his name keep being brought up in the articles, but the difference between them is that Howard's not racist.

No He's Really a Great Guy

Angry Black called in to say he's organizing a protest in front of the Don Imus Pediatric Center.

Howard told him to bring Miss Black Howard Stern and make signs that say "Imus has a 1 share".

Howard then played more of the Imus apology clip, with Imus explaining how he has black children at his cancer-kid ranch. Robin retorted that "in the Imus rodeo, you are the bucking bronco and Imus is Calamity Jane".

Imus continued on to say that he doesn't just go the white kids' funerals. Artie-as-Imus said, "I used to let 'em stand next to the silverware. Unguarded."

Howard noted that Imus' comment wasn't half as offensive as his apology. Howard finished by saying that if Imus comes on the show and eats bleu cheese out of Beetlejuice's ass, he will forgive him.

Imus Continue to Grovel

Finally, Howard returned again to the Imus apology. Imus said he was sorry and embarrassed; "I did a bad thing but I'm a good person". Howard said that he's glad something interesting finally happened on Imus' show and noted that it's the first time he's been forced to play an Imus clip on his show.

Artie replied that it's a good thing Howard replayed the apology, since now someone has heard it. Howard then said that he's going to play the Imus apology again tomorrow. Artie loved Howard's idea, but wants the apology to be given its own channel, but with Not Right Uncle Daniel as the host.